Do you live in Deelgemeente Delfshaven or do you have images showing these neighbourhoods, and do you want them to be shown at the LAGE ERFBRUG CINEMA? Contact us through our email address: bruggenslaan@gmail.com

The images we want to show can be categorised in Welcome, Culture and Inhabitants.
Welcome: Images that show the physical character of the neighbourhood. For example timelaps, drawings, animations, videos and pictures of the streets, buildings, bridges, etc.
Culture: Images of artists from Delfshaven or artistical work concerning Delfshaven. For example paintings, literary quotes, humour, etc.
Inhabitants: This shows the positive aspects of daily life in the neighbourhood with its etnical diversity. For example school children's drawings, portraits of the inhabitants and inhabitants interacting.

You can send your images till Friday 25th September.
For photographs or still images the requirements are:
size 1280x1024
resolution 240 ppi
format JPEG, JPG or PDF
color mode RGB
Each slideshow last 30 seconds, it is up to you how many images you want to show during this time.
Remember that
horizontal images would look better (because of the screen format) than vertical ones, but both are acceptable.

For video the requirements are:
DV PAL (720 x 576)
videoclips must be 30 seconds long.

Artists are responsible for the content of thier work and must have the rights to the material on display.

Of course we are open for any ideas or comments on this project.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation: De Bruggenmakers

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